TheLastRipper 0.2.1 for Mac OS X and 1.0.2 for Linux

It?s been a while since release 1.0.0, well short while at least. About a weeks ago we released a bugfix version 1.0.1 (Mac version 0.2), this was a rather big bugfix. Before 1.0.1 there was a lot of theading issues, that made the program practically broken on dual core Windows systems. We?ve fixed most of these issues, and now both the Windows and Linux versions have become more stable. The issues fixed in version 1.0.1 was those listed on our known issues pages.
Well, today we?ve released a Linux version 1.0.2 and a Mac version 0.2.1, those are not very critical. Well the Mac release might be, since we discovered that the Mac version 0.2 didn?t start when the application was launched. It seams there was a typo in the packaging process, we fixed the typo and we?ve released Mac version 0.2.1. Which should be running now, requiring X11 and Mono. The problem with the Linux version was that the menu entry for playlist generation was dead, we?ve fixed, and the Linux version should now be capable of generating playlists. That?s the story behind the latest bugfixes, the Windows version 1.0.1 is still good.

These new versions can be downloaded at the download site