Announcing TheLastRipper development discission group/list

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been actively developing TheLastRipper, even though I’ve been promising myself I’d find time for it over and over again… But since there’s other people who have shown interest for the project, I’ve decided that it’s probably best if project coordination happens in an open forum instead of just sending mails between developers. Therefore I’ve created a for discussion of project direction, features, technical matters etc. without always having to create an issue in the . I’m not leaving the project, just realizing that with my current activity or just in general, it’d probably be good for a project with multiple developers to have a development list for discussions of all the stuff we can’t fit in the .
So if you’re interested in TheLastRipper development

Update: I’m happy to announce that Andreas Langmann is also a project owner now, so that I’m not the only administrator…

All prior versions of TheLastRipper broken!

I regret to annonce that all current prior versions of TheLastRipper are broken. It seams that dropped support for had a bug in their 1.1 protocol, this weekend. All streams optained from this protocol returns “HTTP/1.0 667 Not enough content left to play this station”. I think it’s a shame, considering the amount of opensource audio players out there with playback support for version 1.1. Since all of these audio players, including TheLastRipper have been broken.
Nevertheless, I and some other users have developed an unofficial documentation of the new protocol version 1.2. I’ll release it shortly, and I’d expect a implementation of this new protocol for TheLastRipper to start rather shortly too. If you want to stay updated on this issue, you can subscribe to issue 63. You do that by clicking on the star.

UPDATE: didn’t drop support for 1.1 protocol it was just gone for the weekend + Monday. Though a minor change in the login scheme caused TheLastRipper to freeze, this issue have now been fixed, and latest release of
TheLastRipper works (Version 1.1.1). We’ll still be working on an opensource implementation of the 1.2 protocol.

Release of TheLastRipper 1.1.0 for Windows and Linux

Like I wrote yesterday, a release of TheLastRipper have been in the workings for a while. Now the final details have finally been solved and I’ve released TheLastRipper for both Linux and Windows. Among some of the most interesting changes are:
  • ID3v2 support ()
  • International characters ()
  • Perfect clipping of songs ()
  • Fix tab-index and improve UI ()
  • Handle exceptions when launching browser on windows ()
  • General exception handling dialog ()
  • Support for http proxies ()
  • Better overall stability
You may download the new release of TheLastRipper from our now!Read more...

TheLastRipper version 0.1.2

The last few weeks I’ve been working on a project called TheLastRipper, an audio stream ripper for It’s not all done yet, but it’s getting close. It’s written in C# and I’m planing to port it to both Windows and OS X using both MS .Net Framework and Mono. Currently there’s only a Mono/Linux client, it should be possible to port it to gtk#/Mono/Windows pretty fast, but I think I’m going to create a native Windows.Forms interface instead.Read more...