All prior versions of TheLastRipper broken!

I regret to annonce that all current prior versions of TheLastRipper are broken. It seams that dropped support for had a bug in their 1.1 protocol, this weekend. All streams optained from this protocol returns “HTTP/1.0 667 Not enough content left to play this station”. I think it’s a shame, considering the amount of opensource audio players out there with playback support for version 1.1. Since all of these audio players, including TheLastRipper have been broken.
Nevertheless, I and some other users have developed an unofficial documentation of the new protocol version 1.2. I’ll release it shortly, and I’d expect a implementation of this new protocol for TheLastRipper to start rather shortly too. If you want to stay updated on this issue, you can subscribe to issue 63. You do that by clicking on the star.

UPDATE: didn’t drop support for 1.1 protocol it was just gone for the weekend + Monday. Though a minor change in the login scheme caused TheLastRipper to freeze, this issue have now been fixed, and latest release of
TheLastRipper works (Version 1.1.1). We’ll still be working on an opensource implementation of the 1.2 protocol.