Release of TheLastRipper 1.3.0 for Windows

Development on TheLastRipper have been stalled for a while, but thanks to Andreas’ work we’re now able to release . It features:
  • New GUI station selection improvements.
  • Using the new protocol version 1.2 (Skip now works!).
  • Additional management features like skip songs already recorded.
  • A few other minor details…
This release is largely created by Andreas, since I haven’t really had time for it. Which is also why it’s not ported to Linux yet, though the executables with Windows.Forms GUI runs fine under Mono/Linux, we’d like a GTK# GUI because it’s much prettier. I hope I’ll find time to do a Linux port soon…
Now some might be wondering why it’s called version 1.3.0 and not 1.2.0 - well, what can I say: It’s a “known issue”
icon_smileI think I accidentally incremented it one too much, and since we can’t really delete downloads from GoogleCode it’s going to be version 1.3.0 instead. It would also look weird to have a version 1.2 featured and a version 1.3 deprecated.
Anyway I don’t think the version number thing is so bad either, I think I previously stated that there wouldn’t come a version 1.2.0, because I was going to rewrite the codebase. Because a rewrite would be needed to make a clean, easy portable and extendable backend implementation of the protocol version 1.2. I started development of such a clean backend, but it’s still stuck in development, since I don’t have time for it at the moment.